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Hotel Bath

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Hotel Bath

 The Barcelona bath forms a stunning centerpiece that pulls you into the space while its shape is reflected in the curvature of the room. Highlighting the beauty of natural wood, the slats manage to add texture while remaining inviting. Black utility bars follow the curvature of the walls and are placed strategically around the room, allowing for functionality of everyday products and additional lighting, while the main lighting cascades across the coved ceiling creating a calming ambience.

For this boutique hotel bathroom we designed an intimate space that naturally compliments Victoria + Albert’s luxurious collection. Given the parameters in the design brief we wanted to create a floor plan that addresses the need for refuge in a bathroom. The design is minimalist combining a range of custom-designed wooden wall slats that give the room an experience of nature, light and solidity, bringing the inner space in closer contact with the surroundings. 

Status: Proposal 

Location: Toronto, ON

Size: 100 sq. ft. 

Type: Interior