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Reza Nik

Hons. BA, BEDS, M.Arch

Reza Nik is a multidisciplinary artist, an experimental architect and a sessional lecturer at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto and a regular external critic at the University of Waterloo.  Through his practice, he fabricates speculative environments aiming to provoke challenging questions about inequitable conventions in the process of designing, constructing and imagining our built spaces. 

Reza received a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Masters in Architecture from Dalhousie University with an undergraduate degree in Art History and Architectural Theory from the University of Toronto.  He has worked and studied in various cities around the world including Germany, Austria, Spain, India and Argentina, working with award-winning architects and grassroots organization such as Coop Himmelb(l)au, Diamond Schmitt Architects, and BaSic Initiative.  These varied experiences have rooted in him a deep sense of criticality when working with current global trends and canons in Architecture, Urbanism and Design.

He has also participated in several interdisciplinary projects collaborating with artists, collectives and city-builders such as the Living Architecture Systems Group, Philip Beesley,  HAVN, Sunday Drive Art Project and Jay Pitter.  Most recently, Reza completed a large-scale art installation at EDIT (Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology) curated by the Design Exchange and Bruce Mau addressing the dichotomy in the housing crisis within the city of Toronto.