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Studio for Architecture & Collaboration is an interdisciplinary architectural practice based in Toronto led by Andrew Hill and Jennifer Kudlats. The practice was founded in 2015 and has since received numerous accolades: appearing in a number of publications internationally and recently included on Azure Magazine's list of  30 Canadian Architecture Firms Breaking New Ground! 

Before StudioAC, Andrew, and Jen worked under some of the leading figures in Canadian architecture at KPMB. As a function of their pedigree, StudioAC strives to create impactful & thoughtful architecture that speaks to its context at a multitude of scales. We believe that good design, architecture and art can bring people together, enhance a community, help businesses flourish and start much needed conversations within our cities.   

StudioAC is registered with the Ontario Association of Architects.

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Collaborative Acts Studio is the research and experimental side of StudioAC where we consciously and critically extend our architectural and creative thinking beyond building. We strive to expand our work to touch on academic research, product/furniture/fashion design, art installations, speculative architectural proposals, publications and collaborative acts within the city. 

CAstudio and StudioAC work closely in order to merge the practice of building with our intuitive thoughts and researched theories.  

At StudioAC and CAstudio, we work closely with clients, stakeholders, consultants, contractors, artists, and academics at every stage of our work, from conception to realization. We believe that any problem presents limitless opportunities and we take on each project with enthusiasm and willingness to listen in order to create something unique and special.