Wraming Hut 4.png

Warming Hut


Warming Hut

Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Type: Competition Entry

Thermospace is an immersive architectural proposition that plays with the senses and the perception of what ‘warmth’ is in a playful and interactive way. Through a simple yet powerful use of articulation and reflection we plan to depict how the ‘temperature’ of a material can alter one’s experience of space.

The underlying concept intends to present a simple form with two duelling temperature experiences: hot vs cold. This is achieved through a simple angular articulation and surface treatment of repeating ribbed portals.

Each portal will present a white face on one side, the other fully wood, at either end a full height mirror will simultaneously reflect the user in the exact same space formally but completely different materially. Thus the user will instantaneously experience a space of pure wood and pure white, a space of pure cold and pure warmth.